Retail Sales


Retail is referred to as the process of selling consumer goods and services to the end customer. This involves working through multiple channels of distribution starting from wholesaler to retailer thereby aiding in earning profits. Jobs in Retail aid individuals to participate in the operations of selling and offer better merchandising.

InternshipJobs in Sales aid candidates in gaining knowledge about Sales, its processes and administration by working in collaboration with the sales department. Interns gain the medium of gaining a complete idea of the industry and its working preparing them for Jobs in Sales. On being hired as a Sales Intern, they will have to participate in certain duties and responsibilities.

The typical duties of a sales intern for seekingJobs in Retails that are highlighted in the resume for the position include completion of training programs, conducting follow-ups of sales steps, provisioning support and help to sales representatives. It also involves upgrading their knowledge surrounding the field and putting in efforts to meet the sales mission.

Job Qualifications for Sales Internship

Below listed are the qualifications that are required in most resume samples in the field. These include:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Profound business knowledge
  • Skills to carry on sales
  • Work as a team
  • Energetic and Passionate about Sales
  • Self-Motivated to learn new techniques and ideas.

What are the typical Job Responsibilities and Tasks?

  • Gain an in-depth idea of client needs.
  • Create descriptions of product benefits and features.
  • Offer recommendations, select and assist in locating right merchandise.
  • Be cordial with customers and greet them well.
  • Provide demonstrations of the uses and operations related to the product.
  • Offer suggestions for marketing products and build methods to encourage the purchase of the services.
  • Offer answers to customer queries related to merchandise and stores.
  • Receive, process cash, cheques, and payments made through credits and charges.
  • Offer information regarding warranties, about the specifications of manufacturing products and services, care, guidelines for maintenance of merchandise and delivery options.
  • Make data about the financing options available.
  • Provide receipts and change.
  • Gift wrapping facilities for Merchandise.
  • Package and Bag purchases.
  • Manage records for sales.
  • Placing of orders.
  • Manage sales records.
  • Organizing, categorizing and processing of merchandise exchanges.
  • Processing repairs or altercation required for merchandise.
  • Recognize and monitoring issues related to security.
  • Calculate money, sorting of charge slips and balance payments.
  • Stay updated with current sales prices.
  • Arrange and display merchandise.
  • Requisition of new stock.
  • Ensure the merchandise area is clean and meets the guidelines of hygiene.
  • Manage the inventory of stocks.

What are the skills and Qualifications required for a Sales Internship program?

Below listed are the skills and qualifications mentioned in the resume sample of internship Jobs in Sales. These are as follows:

  • Must hold a relevant college degree either a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification
  • Having in-depth knowledge of principles in sales.
  • Understanding of principles and processes included in customer service.
  • Hold relevant experience in customer service, retail and of sales.

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