Property Management/ Real Estate


Property Management Jobs is the field of developing property comprising of land and buildings along with the rights to use the land and its resources effectively for the betterment of society.

Along with other sectors, Jobs in Real Estate is the most chosen field for gaining employment. This has increased the need for interns so as to render the candidates a hands-on and real-life experience in the field of real estate.

In the field of real estate, the interns belong to entry-level professionals who are offered a platform for polishing their skills working with experts. The typical job responsibilities related to Real Estate Interns involve conducting research on investment potentials, learn about financing, conduct data entry, carry on negotiations for loan agreements, conduct inspection of properties and site visits.

What are the essential skills we look for in a Real Estate Intern?

Based on the sample of resumes gathered by our team for Internship Jobs in Real Estate, following are the essential skills we require in the candidate. These include:

  • Having sound knowledge about the real estate sector.
  • Must be explorative, energetic and hold a passion for learning new things.
  • Must hold excellent communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills in written and verbal mediums.
  • Proficiency in handling computers and other software.
  • Have attention to detail.
  • Must hold a valid college degree in any relevant stream such as business management.

What will the typical Job Duties include?

Listed below are the typical Property Management Jobsas a real estate intern which are as follows:

  • They will be required to participate in conducting market analyses.
  • Develop and create questionnaires, perform direct marketing, surveys and telephonic collection of data.
  • Assist the team in making quantitative analysis and calculations.
  • Conduct research of essential records and statistics.
  • Interns will be required to participate in the mortgage while processing loans that also includes credit ratings, generate underwritings for verifications, build reports, develop closing documents.
  • Will be required to package loans for a secondary mortgage of the market and other such.
  • Develop and manage the list of “for sale by owner” properties along with conducting follow-ups with the staff through mailings and communication with the regular staff.
  • Developing portfolios and property briefs of potential properties that need to be provided to the sales agent once they have been sanctioned by the client.
  • Perform in-house functions such as appraisals which include building sales data, income figures, cost and gathering reports for the appraisals.
  • Create copies for advertising and news releases. Prepare layouts, sketches, plans and photographs to be used in other media. These include writing advertisements wherein the interns will be rendered a platform for learning newer strategies and policies of the participating companies.
  • Carry out maintenance of updating records; post listings of sales trades and conduct analyses of MLS data for absorption costs. Offer assistance in preparing escrow papers and note entries into the accounts.


  • Must be proficient with MS Office including MS Word, Excel and Adobe.
  • Must be currently pursuing BA/ BS with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or more.
  • Interest in commercial real estate industry.

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