Project Management


Project Management refers to the practice of designing, planning, executing and controlling a team to achieve required goals and success.

Project Management makes up a crucial aspect of the business. It is the art of conducting business in a fine way without leaving any room for doubt. A project manager is responsible for taking care of the entire management of the project thereby ensuring the project is carried out in the set manner. They are involved in each aspect right from the stage of inception to that of completion.

Considering the importance of project management, many companies are opting for candidates who have gained a thorough experience in the field. Thus, we at Pursue Asia are offering a lucrative opportunity of availing internship program in Project Management Jobs with top host companies thereby gaining a strong edge over contemporaries. The internship program will aid candidates to gain a deeper understanding of the field, explore the skills and studies that they have garnered until now and build a strong resume thereby enhancing the chances of landing in best Jobs in Project Management across different sectors.

What are the Job Responsibilities of Project Management Intern?

As a project management intern, one is responsible for managing a number of tasks on daily basis. The responsibilities and activities range from preparing packages to that of drafting and editing reports. Below listed are a detailed overview of the responsibilities of a project management intern for availing Jobs in Project Management.

  • Preparing packages of materials required
  • Must be able to secure and set up equipment
  • Offering assistance in arranging other elements of logistics
  • Compile spreadsheets and documents for documentation
  • Participate and offer support in executing the duties in the management
  • Handle the expense reports
  • Manage and generate receipts and invoices
  • Compilation of research reports
  • Cross check statistics and other informational packages
  • Offer assistance in drafting and editing every correspondence
  • Generate reports
  • Make staff announcements

As a project management expert, your duties are not limited here alone. It will also include procurement, tracking, sorting through the data and assessing information. This is carried on through generation of reports, phone calls, emails, and networking with leads within the groups and other such. The interns must possess the skills of generating tools and study the underlying algorithms, rules and generate calculations with the help of applications like Access, Excel, etc.

What are the job duties of a project management intern?

The duties of a project management intern that can paves their way towards landing eminent Project Management Jobs are as follows:

  • Request information from members involved in the projects
  • Process submittals and change orders
  • Procure materials
  • Schedule the tasks,
  • Ensure quality control
  • Subcontractor management
  • Schedule processes for development
  • Generate activity coding structure, activity matrix, trade flows, and construction logic
  • Generate estimate for durations, cost, resource loading
  • Participate in documentation
  • Schedule updates
  • Conduct "what if" analyses

Job requirements

  • Applicants must hold a relevant degree in project management
  • Good understanding of the fundamentals and principals of project management
  • Good analytical and statistical skills
  • Proficient in knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint

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