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Supply Chain

Supply chain is a value maker and a source of competitive advantage for numerous businesses worldwide. Doing an internship in Supply Chain and Logistics, is a progressive and essential way to start a promising career in the modern day evolving economy and thriving global business practices. Pursing internships abroad increases the acquaintance of students to such comprehensive practices and prepares them for a prospering career. International internship in Supply Chain and Logistics with PursueAsia enable students to take their career plans for a test drive, which is a great way to test possible jobs and explore different career options. Pursuing internships abroad facilitate students and the businesses by enabling students to offer their capacities to the enterprises, while in return they get an opportunity to improve professional skills and gain exposure. PursueAsia has put together and offers one of the best internships in Logistics in India, Logistics internship in Dubai and logistics internship in Singapore.



Finance is the tonic that contributes to the setting-up and running of fresh businesses, and permits existing businesses to take benefit of prospects to grow, support other businesses and by large facilitate and advance the Government and the country. Financial trends outline and delineate the state of the economy of a country on a global level making it an attractive asset for investment and growth. An internship in finance and particularly pursuing internships abroad motivate young students as well as future professionals sharpen their business acumen and become responsible and conscious Global citizens that drive the economy toward growth. PursueAsia thus offers informative and comprehensive international internships such as career elevating finance internships in Dubai, a nurturing finance internship in Singapore and a beneficial finance internship in India.


Human Resource(HR)

As companies struggle to gain competitive advantage, proficient and competent human resources plays a crucial part in facilitating companies to keep up with a dynamic environment and meet the intensifying business demands. With these objectives in mind, we offer well-designed and methodically executed internship in human resources. The human resources team is the backbone of the company's sustainability plan. Recruiting new hires and their ongoing induction into the system is an important role the human resources department fills. The HR internships with PursueAsia work as an entryway to a prosperous career and many rewarding opportunities in the HR domain. PursueAsia supports this function by providing future-ready HR professionals, who have pursued good HR internships, particularly in India, Singapore and Dubai. By offering futuristic and carefully conceptualized internship in human resources with top business ​ houses, PursueAsia ensures that students have the opportunity to understand how human resources function and the manpower industry works across industries, businesses and international borders.



Marketing includes advertising, selling and delivering products to the right consumers. It is the process through which goods and services move from the concept to the consumer. Right marketing consists of a unique combination of technologies, customer understanding and business acumen, and marketing proficiency. With these objectives in mind, PursueAsia offers well-designed and methodically executed marketing internships. PursueAsia foresees the requirement for particularly good marketing internship in Dubai, a progressive marketing internship in Singapore and a fruitful marketing internship in India. Marketing has been redefined in this era of digital marketing by rapid social media changes and accelerated importance of videos and consumption of graphical content. We provide marketing internship in Singapore, Dubai, and India and encourage students to explore different industries and businesses while learning the rules of marketing in culturally, economically and socially different countries.