Industrial Jobs refers to the segment of the economy that primarily involves manufacturing and transportation of products and services. These may include industrial workers, industrial pollution the aspects that are included in the overall working of the industry. It lays out a lucrative career options for one to explore their skills in myriad of dimensions.

The world is a global village, that lays across a wide arena of opportunities for people to explore. Compared to yesteryears when there were hardly any options, the present time offers a myriad of options to choose from. Manufacturing is one such sector that offer many openings for candidates to explore further

Pursue Asia offers industrial training with our top host companies providing them a relevant ground to explore their skills, put into practice the knowledge they garnered through studies and learn the attributes of finessing their ability so as to gain lucrative Industrial Jobs.

We offer many promising positions to the candidates. These include trainee positions at manufacturing settings which are trainee engineer, management trainee, summer training associate, project trainee, trainee quality officer, training manufacturing technician, trainee engineer and much more.

As a trainee in the manufacturing sector the intern will be responsible for managing a myriad of activities. These includes maintaining and overseeing all the important responsibilities. These responsibilities include managing operation of equipment to that of generating project reports.

Below listed are the job responsibilities needed by candidates for availing lucrative Industrial Jobs. These include:

  • Interns must be able to operate manufacturing equipment
  • Must hold sound knowledge of the fundamentals and principles related to the sector
  • Perform a myriad of activities involving different plant components
  • Supervise the workings of other workers
  • Aid them assistance in the workings
  • Must be ready to learn newer methods
  • Receive training in different areas including management of production and manufacturing
  • Coordinate raw materials
  • Material management personnel
  • Will be responsible for preparing administrative reports along with those related to production
  • Perform other tasks assigned as when allotted by manufacturing supervisor
  • As a manufacturing trainee, the candidate will also be responsible for reporting to those involved in supervising manufacturing activities.

What are the necessary Job Requirements for Manufacturing trainee position?

A manufacturing trainee position paves way for candidates to avail potential Industrial Jobs in different sectors. The job position may be on probation or that of contract basis. As a manufacturing trainee, the candidate is required to fulfil the following requirements which are as follows:

The trainee must hold relevant degree in high school diploma, associate degree or relevant qualification in bachelors’ degree in tandem to the position.

  • Must hold strong physical ability to carry on a number of tasks
  • Must hold strong technical knowledge about the field.

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