Fine Jewelry Industry


Designing has opened newer amenities for candidates to explore their skills. The newest to join the league that has garnered a lot of prominence in recent years is Fine Jewellery Jobs. Pursue Asia provisions candidates who wish to pursue a career in the field of Jewellery Making a potential ground to explore their abilities and sharpen them further.

How is the Internship Useful?

The internship program is termed to be advantageous in a plethora of ways. The candidates are left with a number of options to choose from. Apart from availing training for becoming a proficient jeweler, it also leaves a wide arena of directions open so as to embark a successful career in the jewelry industry. These include becoming a diamond or gemstone grader, a gemstone setter, a watchmaker, work as a wholesaler or a supplier, a sales consultant, retail management, a CAD designer. Apart from these, the positions include manufacturing, production, gemmologists, visual merchandiser along with other areas like polishing, platting, PR, marketing, and administration.

However, for becoming a qualified trader, the individual needs to hold an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship can be defined as a combination of on the job training program blend with classroom education. Opting for the apprenticeship the individuals will get to learn about the industry, gain an insight into its workings, work in liaison with the employers thus building their abilities, as well as gain an edge on skills that are considered necessary for availing jobs in Jewellery surrounding the particular occupation or trade.

Pursue Asia offers apprenticeship programs with our top host companies who render individuals have a keen interest in building career in the sector. We have our opportunities across the globe available in Tokyo, Dubai, and India.

The jobs are available in three sections which are Jewellery Making, Jewelry Designing Jobs, Retails and other Fine Jewelry Jobs. Let's look at the requirements in each sector in detail:

Jewelry Making Jobs comprises of designing jewelry and laying out rough ideation for building the final product. The job requirement includes:

  • Building a rough draft of the designs
  • One must hold a relevant bachelor’s or diploma degree in the field
  • Understanding the fundamentals and principles related to jewelry designing
  • Proficiency in handling computer software such as CAD
  • Good teamwork who can work in collaboration maintaining cordial relation with other employees
  • Excellent communicative skills
  • Good creative skills

Job Roles

A typical apprentice for the Jobs of Jeweller designing is required to follow the stipulated functions which are as follows:

  • Generate sample designs for the clients working along with other designers
  • Hold consultations with the clients to gain a general understanding of the field
  • Sketch out ideas using computer software like CAD rendering the clients a general idea of the finished design
  • The candidate may be required to perform activities like mounting, model making, chasing, polishing, soldering and fabrication, electro-plating, enameling, etc involved in the process.
  • Create project reports, the costing, and retail details
  • Consult galleries, buyers and suppliers
  • Conduct research on the latest trends and buying techniques.

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