Fashion is a popular field that deals with the styling of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories and much more. It also involves other dimensions including photography, hairstyle, and body which make up a crucial part of the industry.

Gaining an opportunity for an internship Jobs inFashion Industry lays out an excellent platform for gaining a strong edge to pursue a dream job in the fashion world. It’s a dream come true for candidates who wish to pursue their career in the stream of fashion. Thus, one should be well aware of what they can expect working as an intern from day one to the last.

Interns in Fashion are often hired by eminent fashion houses, magazines and different industries offering assistance in daily operations conducted in the industry. These include all the mundane tasks like fetching coffee, offering assistance for photo shoots, and answering queries and messages of the clients. Pursuing an internship in Fashion aids in knowing about what are the pros of the industry and aid interns in building healthy relationship helping translate the internship into Jobs in Fashion Industry after college and university studies.


Interns are required to carry on a number of tasks. These include the responsibility of easing the work of supervisors thereby helping them concentrate on their work. These tasks involve managing communication for supervisors. As an intern, you will be required to take phone calls from designers and executives, carry on written communication and replies in the form of emails in behalf of your supervisors as well as tracking information of anyone whom the supervisor wishes to speak with. You will also be required to speak to designers, stores and artists. Have a sound knowledge about the fashion world and knowing how to communicate with the industry players is one of the essential skills required for Fashion Industry Jobs and internship in addition to learning more about the job.


Another important task of a good intern is locating wardrobe pieces required by supervisors. These tasks also include offering assistance in managing the company closet, wherein all the required samples and pieces gained on loan and those belonging to the company are kept. In order to manage the closet, the intern must keep a close track of who checks-in and out of the wardrobe, which pieces and accessories they check and ensure everything is arranged properly so as to locate them with ease. Interns may also be required to perform other minuscule tasks including carrying routine maintenance of the clothes by steaming, dry cleaning and ironing.


Photoshoots are one of the complex tasks and expensive ventures for fashion industries. Interns are accompanied in the shoots along with the core staff ensuring so as to make the management of activities smooth running. You will be required to dress models, find accessories, offer snacks to staff, field calls, and manage additional duties for scheduling shoots, models and photography.


These are the most glamorous part of internships for fashion. These include basic tasks and ensure all the works are completed in time. Errands can include anything from sending a package to calling messenger services, taking a dog for a walk, etc. Interns who prove their caliber in the industry and does not complain managing menial tasks gain a lucrative opportunity in availing Fashion Industry Jobs after the internship is over.

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