Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products and services using the medium of the internet and digital technologies. This also includes mobile phones, social media platforms, advertising so as to reach the target audience.

Digital Marketing Jobs in the present time it lays out for youtha myriad of opportunities. Thus, digital marketing has become an emerging field opportuning individual to explore their skills and the advantageous of the internet. As the digital marketing intern individuals will be required to carry out certain tasks so as to make them picture ready for Jobs in Digital Marketing arena. These include offering assistance in overseeing the online strategizing for the company. They will also be required to participate in the planning and execution of online campaigns. These would include email promotion, designing, managing, and creating content for the company websites.

Additionally, interns will have to engage with the public through the social media platform thereby increasing visitors to the websites. Conducting analysis and generating report of visitor data as well as devising a newer methodology for generating leads is part of the internship. Interns will work for sectors ranging from retailers, financial institutions, publishers and charities to build their online presence. After the completion of the internship, they can avail employment in eminent Digital Marketing Jobs.

The mundane tasks of a digital marketing intern will include:

  • Developing and managing campaigns for boosting marketing of products.
  • Maintenance and management of company websites
  • Overlooking the social media strategies
  • Create and edit contents for websites and social media such as Facebook, Twitter.
  • Conduct tracking and analysis of web traffic and generate reports periodically.
  • Work on SEO of the website
  • Generate key performance indicators that include rising dwell time, reducing bounce rate, and improve conversion.
  • Constantly fix bugs and errors
  • Edit and post contents, audio clips, podcasts, and videos online.
  • Arrange webcasts and webinars.
  • Create copies for email marketing.
  • Generate banners, adverts for online.
  • Oversee pay per click (PPC) ad management.
  • Identify newer trends in the digital marketing arena, conduct evaluation of new technologies, oversee the products and brands are ahead of contemporaries in lines of industry development. Ensure the brand is developing well on mobile marketing.
  • Work on printed material as a supplement for online products.
  • Attend product launches and events to increase networking.

What are the key skills required for digital marketing interns?

  • Communication skills – As an intern, you need to have a good hold on editing and communication. You will be required to create and edit content for different digital mediums these include writing blogs and articles for the websites.
  • Video Editing – The content will be more than just write-ups. These would include visual and audio content too.
  • Web development skills – Although a digital marketing job is not that of a software developer, yet must have a basic idea of HTML/ JavaScript is beneficial. Having sound knowledge of search engine optimization and MS suite such as Word and PowerPoint are added advantage.
  • Project Management skills – Must hone good time management skills to work in tight deadlines.

Career Opportunities

Jobs in Digital Marketing includes SEO manager, PPC manager, Digital Content Manager, Senior Digital Marketing Executive. You can also go on to work on a Freelance basis by either setting up your own online marketing company or as freelance brand management.

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