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Architecture is referred to as the art of designing and constructing buildings, structures. An architect works in turning the concepts and designs into reality through organized planning and development.

Architecture Jobs has been a lucrative field for youth, which has garnered a lot of prominence in the present-day. The interns will be provisioned to assist lead architects along with carrying out a myriad of duties that include creating models, researching and administration. Thus, the intern must have an in-depth knowledge of architecture and its software. Knowing to handle 3D model software such as Autodesk, AutoCAD, Google SketchUp is a pro, in addition, to understanding Hand drafting. The applicant must have excellent communicative skills so as to take directions from architects with different ideas. It would also let facilitate smooth workflow between the coordinators.

Job Duties

  • Create three-dimensional information of building model and two-dimensional documentation of construction using the software.
  • Must carry on redline changes and other revisions
  • Must be able to handle the entire process of architectural design right from the phase of concept design building till the entire completion of projects.
  • Offer assistance in addition to contract administration duties.
  • May get to participate in the architectural design process, develop alternate solutions.
  • Carry on presentation of graphics used for communicating concepts to the customers or for gaining approval from agencies.
  • Develop project specifications as per requirement
  • Review products or participate in shopping of drawing submittals during the working of the construction phase.
  • Assist senior architects in designing pre-fabricated structure projects.
  • Work on other modular construction projects including healthcare, correctional, educational or multi-story residential complexes.
  • Scanning, copying, printing, and transmission of original work drawings of current work.
  • Organizing and maintenance of project files.

Job expectations

Interns inArchitecture Design Jobswill be opportune to assist lead architects by:

  • Architecture Jobsrequireinterns to design schematics specialized in site planning, space management and development of elevations. It also includes developing sections, 3D renderings, working on details in both commercial and residential projects from restaurants, offices, multi-story buildings, family dwellings, communities for adults, multipurpose resident.
  • Must innovate new prototypes for designed sustainable products in tandems to norms of green architecture.
  • Carry on follow up of the designs in each phase, develop drawings and work in collaboration and coordination with the production staff. Note the technical details as well as completion of the construction project drawings.
  • Establishing the company‚Äôs Interior Design Department. Participate in research, fabric selection, lightings, kitchen and bath fixtures, furniture, color and design of material for creating a comfy, elegant and stylish space. The projects usually include luxury homes and vacation houses.

Job Prospects and Career Path

Internship in architecture opens a myriad of opportunities. After the completion of the internship and education, the intern will be provisioned to availArchitecture Design Jobs when preparing for certification. After earning certification, the architect can go about working independently and take upper-level projects. As per statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of architecture is growing at a fast pace and may reach an average of 24% by 2020. However, competition is expected to be substantial.

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